Benefits of the Natural Rubber Soother

It can be difficult to find the perfect dummy for your baby as they all seem fairly similar. However the Natural Rubber Soother is quite a unique dummy, outlined below are the 5 main benefits of Natural Rubber Soother.

  1. Among the safest on the market.
  2. Remarkably hygienic.
  3. Helps encourage breastfeeding.
  4. Sizes & shapes to match your babies development.
  5. Environmentally friendly.


Crafted from one segment of natural rubber means the Natural Rubber Soothers do not consist of any joints thus preventing the teat from detaching and becoming a choking hazard, this also makes them extremely strong. In comparison to silicone dummies that have been known to rapidly tear once their surface is damaged, the Natural Rubber Soother is a safer option.

Due to the Natural Rubber Soothers suppleness and flexibility the shield doesn’t leave marks on baby’s face unlike some dummies on the market. The size of the shield also hinders babies from squeezing the soother into their mouths.

  • Contains no chemical softeners
  • Parabens Free
  • Contains no PVC or Phthalates
  • Meets Australian Safety Standard for soothers (AS2432-1991/2008) FDA, European standards (EN1400) and GB 4806.2-94 standards.

2. Remarkably Hygienic

The single piece of rubber makes the Natural Rubber Soothers remarkably hygienic as there are no joints or cracks where dirt can collect or bacteria can grow.

As they’re made from natural rubber which has non-static properties they don’t attract dust and dirt.

3. Helps encourage breastfeeding

There are a number of factors of the Natural Rubber Soother that can help encourage breastfeeding.

  •  The shield –  Touches baby’s nose simulating a breast contributing a closer likeness to breastfeeding.
  • The material – Rubber is much softer with more movability than silicon making it more similar to a nipple of a breast.
  • The shape of the teat – The round style dummies have been designed to encourage the same type of sucking that breastfeeding does. This shape tends to work better for breast-fed babies because the tongue is positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, which helps prevent nipple confusion. About 80% of babies tend to move soothers around in their mouths, so the position of the round soother can never end up around the wrong way. Because the tongue’s position never changes, midwives usually recommend starting babies on rounded soothers.

4. Sizes & shapes to match your babies development.

Natural rubber soothers come in two shapes, with an orthodontic (Ortho) which is a flatter teat ideal for preventing dental issues or a round version sometimes called a cherry style perfect for breastfed babies. Each shape comes in a number of different sizes designed to match the size of your baby’s mouth.

  • The round Natural Rubber Soother – As mentioned above the round style tends to work better for breast-fed babies because the tongue is positioned under the nipple as it is during breast-feeding, which helps prevent nipple confusion. The Natural Rubber Soothers round model is available in small (0-3 months), medium (3-6 months) and large (6 months+).
  • The ortho Natural Rubber Soother – Having a flatter teat helps to prevent future dental problems as this allows the baby to hold their jaw in the correct position when using the dummy. It is available in two sizes a small ideal for up to 6 months of age and a large for over 6 months.

 5. Environmentally friendly

Produced with sustainable raw material, making it a green product. The dummies are made from pure, natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensi tree, grown in Malaysia. Other soothers on the market are made from silicone and plastic which are made from oil based materials and are a non-renewable resource.

Unlike plastic & silicon dummies,  Natural Rubber Soothers, teats and teethers are bio-degradable and the source and supply of rubber is also renewable through replanting of the rubber trees. On top of this the rubber is sourced from Malaysia the closest sustainable rubber plantation to Australia assisting our efforts to reduce our carbon foot print making Natural Rubber Soother the lowest footprint in the world for this type of product.