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Green Toys

Pislik Toys begun over a decade ago. Their delightful range includes, cars, a tractor, submarine, sailing boat and more.
The team.
Consists of 8 expert craft women and men ranging from architects, teachers, designers and a famous artist. Bringing together their extensive wisdom and experience they’ve created the most beautiful, durable, old world toys you could imagine.
Production Methods
The endurance and functionality of the Pislik range is down to the way the wood is initially prepared and handled before production even starts. Locally sourced timber from the mountain regions in the north of Czech Republic is used. For every tree cut another is planted to ensure forest regeneration and sustainability, reducing environmental damage.

The wood is then air dried naturally in the workshop taking up to 3years. Each piece is carefully stacked leaving spaces in between for air flow and turned twice a year to maintain shape and avoid bends and curves.

Once drying time is complete, they carefully scan each piece for imperfections. Unsuitable pieces along with off cuts are sent to a local recycling depot to be used by the local community for various projects.

This drawn out process means they don’t have to use chemicals or machinery giving them a greater quality, more easily workable wood.

Every step needed to produce each toy is carefully and skilfully done by hand using traditional tools and methods. The end result is like nothing you have ever seen or touched before. The design is simple, yet perfect in every aspect. The quality and finish is unmatched.


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