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Riley Callie Resources

The founder of Riley Callie is Debbie Hoger, a Dunghutti woman and Mum of two with an educational background in Anthropology and Science. One of Debbie’s passions is to create resources that engage children in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), while celebrating Indigenous Australia.

At Riley Callie they firmly believe that STEM provides an ideal platform for educators to introduce children to the rich depth of knowledge and unique perspectives that Indigenous Australia has to offer.

They recognise the early learning years to be critical to the development of the child and their aim is to provide innovative products which make learning fun!

Debbie says “Our culture as Aboriginal Australians, is the oldest in the world, the longest living culture on the planet, and as such, deserves a centre place in the teaching of our young children. However, for preschools and kindergartens to include Indigenous learnings into their curriculums in a respectful and appropriate way, meaningful engagement with Indigenous people, communities, and businesses is absolutely necessary”.


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