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Sarah’s Silks
The story of Sarah’s Silks toy-making business is a deeply personal one. Their eldest son Josh was in need of many dress-up options as he loved to play pretend. He required lots of pieces of beautifully coloured, non-itchy fabric for his games. They found that the options in toy stores were limited and so began to dye their own silk squares for him to play with, eventually bringing them to market. For over 13 years, they have been offering a wide selection of natural fiber dress-ups and toys to stores all over the world and, ultimately, providing families with beautiful, creative toys.

Silk as it is a natural fibre and renewable resource.
Silk is an ancient product of China.
Their silks are hand-hemmed in a small village near Shanghai which they have visited. The seamstresses are in their homes, often sitting in doorways, as their children play nearby.
In addition, many of their products are sewn, ironed and packaged by women working in their homes in Sonoma County, CA.
Dyes are non-toxic and the silks are easily hand-washed.

Sarah’s Silks are dedicated to helping create a better world through imaginative play. Believing that simple, open-ended toys are best for growing minds. Developing inner creativity at a young age leads to higher levels of creative thinking in adulthood. When children’s inner creative life is nurtured, they grow into more well-rounded, stronger, and creative contributing members of our society, eager to bring their gifts to the world. The company are dedicated to simple, unique and beautiful toys for all of the children of the world. Through their work, they are reminded of the infinite possibilities of play.

We offer quality play-silks, toys and dress-ups for boys and girls between the ages of 3-10, that ignite the imagination, and capture the magical soul that lives in young children.

Why do we use silk?

Silk is a natural fibre that shimmers and shines beautifully when dyed. It also feels good to touch and is the best for non-itch dress-ups. Silk is remarkably durable and can withstand years of play. It is also a renewable resource and an ancient product of China.

How can I wash my silks?

We recommend hand washing with warm water and a mild soap. Children often enjoy washing their play silks and hanging them outside to dry. It is fine to dry them in a dryer set on low for a few minutes to restore the softness and remove wrinkle. To restore the beauty and shine the silk can be ironed on a medium steam setting.

Are Sarah’s Silks safe?

Our dyes and paints have been tested by an independent laboratory and have been found to be free of lead and other heavy metals.


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